Library - cust[i = customers[i/cust[i = customer...

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public class Library { private Customer[] customers; private Book[] books; private int numBooks; private int capactiy; private Date checkOutDate; private int numOfCheckOut; public Library() { } public Library (Customer[] custs) { } public int getCapacity() { return capacity; } public void setCapacity() { this.capacity = capacity; } public void addCustomer( Customer customer) { //int i; //int[] cust = new int[customers.length+1]; //for (i = 0; i<customers.length; i++)
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Unformatted text preview: //{ // cust[i] = customers[i]; //} //cust[i] = customer; customers[numOfCust] = customer; numOfCust++; } public void removeCustomer (Customer customers) { } public void addBooks( Book books) { } public void removeBook( Book books) { } public void getCheckOutDate() { } public int findCustomer() { } public void SortBooksByType( String a) { } }...
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Library - cust[i = customers[i/cust[i = customer...

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