Nurse - return knownDocs public void setKnownDocs(Doctor...

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import java.lang.*; public class Nurse implements Employable, Comparable, Cloneable { private double salary; private String name; private int SSN; Doctor[] knownDocs; D public Nurse(){ this(0, "",0, new Doctor[0]); } public Nurse(String name, int SSN) { this(0, name, SSN, new Doctor[0]); } public Nurse(double salary, String name, int SSN, Doctor[] knownDocs){ setSalary(salary); setName(name); setSSN(SSN); setKnownDocs(knownDocs); } public double getSalary(){ return salary; } public void setSalary(double salary){ this.salary = salary; } public String getName(){ return name; } public void setName(String name){ = name; } public int getSSN(){ return SSN; } public void setSSN(int SSN){ this.SSN = SSN; } public Doctor[] getKnownDocs(){
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Unformatted text preview: return knownDocs; } public void setKnownDocs(Doctor knownDocs){ this.knownDocs = knownDocs; } public double getBiWeeklyPay(){ return (salary/26.0)*0.8; } public Object clone() { try { Nurse n = (Nurse)super.clone(); Doctor kDocs = new Doctor[knownDocs.length]; for( int i=0; i<kDocs.length; i++ ) f if (knownDocs[i] != null) kDocs[i] = (Doctor)knownDocs[i].clone(); k else kDocs[i]= null; n.knownDocs = kDocs; return n; r } catch(CloneNotSupportedException ex){ return null; } } public int compareTo(Object o) { int v = name.compareTo(((Nurse)o).getName()); return v!=0?v:(int)Math.signum((SSN-((Nurse)o).getSSN())); } }...
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This note was uploaded on 03/25/2010 for the course CIS CIS3023 taught by Professor Seema during the Spring '10 term at Florida College.

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Nurse - return knownDocs public void setKnownDocs(Doctor...

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