Chemistry Chapter 8

Chemistry Chapter 8 - How are energy factors use to...

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Chemistry Chapter 8 What is an ionic bond? How is it formed? What must happen for a stable compound to form? What is lattice energy? How do you calculate the net energy of a reaction? What is the stabilizing agent of a reaction? What does lattice energy depend upon? Why does lattice energy depend on these?
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Unformatted text preview: How are energy factors use to determine that metals become cations and nonmetals for anions? What does the stability of Noble gases control? How? What is the octet rule? 8.5-8.8, 8.11, 8.14, 8.18, 8.19, 8.22, 8.31, 8.40, 8.50, 8.81-8.103, 8.109, 8.119-8.120...
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