Characteristics of a Good Call

Characteristics of a Good Call - 8 V/S PROBEELLSST 9 SAMPLE...

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Characteristics of a Good Call 1. ID yourself 2. Acuity – Mild, moderate, acute 3. Category – medical vs. trauma 4. Describe scene 5. Age, sex, weight and where you would like to go (disposition) 6. Chief Complaint/ mechanism of injury/nature of illness 7. BRIM/CARB OR OPQRST
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Unformatted text preview: 8. V/S: PROBEELLSST 9. SAMPLE history of present 10. Secondary Exam 11. Treatment 12. Updated v/s & results of treatment 13. ETA 14. Other pertinent information 15. Communication (scene, clear speech) 16. Restraints& need for support 17. PPE...
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