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Final Test for Medic School

Final Test for Medic School - Block 1 1 Need to know tears...

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Block 1 1. Need to know tears of authority in the EMS system. The medical director is the legal authority; it is a physician who is legally responsible for all clinical and patient care aspects of the system. There role is: *educate and train personnel *participate in personnel and equipment selection *develop clinical protocols on cooperation with expert EMS personnel *Participate in quality improvement and problem solution *Provide direct input into patient care. *Interface between the EMS system and other health care agencies *advocate in the medical community *Serves as the medical conscious of the EMS system, including advocating for quality patient care Online medical control- occurs when a qualified physician gives direct orders to a prehospital care provider by either radio or telephone. Online medical control may be delegated to a MICN, PA or a Paramedic. 2. When done with a school what are my responsibility, and roles? Primary responsibilities of a Paramedic are: Preparation - must be mentally, physically and emotionally able to meet the demands of the patient, their family, and other health care providers. Response –personnel safety is the #1 priority; know when to call for additional resources. (Hazmat, MCI, MVC, Rescue situations, violent patients). Know your area and agencies you maybe involved with. Scene Size up - is the safety of the crew, the patient, and bystanders. Identify potential hazards such as fire, smoke traffic, bystanders, angry or distraught family members, unstable structures or vehicles, and hazardous materials. Patient Assessment -the initial assessment, physical examination, patient history and ongoing assessment. Treatment and management - follow set protocols, keeping the standard of care. Move the patient with the thought of additional resources, proper equipment is in place. Disposition and transfer- know the best way to transport the patient (ground, helicopter or fixed wing). Also the appropriate facility (burn center, trauma center) or the appropriate equipment is up (PT scanner) Documentation- the patient care report should be completed as soon as the emergency is over, also it is neat, legible, accurate, complete and no spelling errors. Clean up, maintenance and review- decontaminate the unit, stow away any equipment, discard disposable equipment and restock any used items. Review the call with the other personnel on scene; check everyone for signs of critical incidents and stress. A paramedic needs to be a patient advocate. Also needs to be self motivated, a good time manager, have good teamwork, respect and consideration for others, empathy and integrity, and a leader. The paramedic need to continue education to keep the license current also to keep up on new ideas, changes and updated procedures.
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