DRUGCALCULATIONSHandout - is 40mg per 4ml. 2. The MICN now...

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DRUG CALCULATIONS 1. Your patient is a 58 year old male weighing 180lbs. He is complaining of shortness of breath. For lung sounds you hear crackles bilaterally. Your partner had administered 1 sublingual nitro and 1” nitro paste. Lasix is a standing order and you prepare to give the patient double his daily dose. The patient takes Lasix 20mg twice a day (BID). How many ml of lasix will you administer? The lasix vial
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Unformatted text preview: is 40mg per 4ml. 2. The MICN now orders dopamine IVPB at 10mcg/kg/min via a microdrop set. How many drops per minute will you give? 3. a 73 y/o male is conscious with unstable SVT. The BHO is for versed 3mg IVP for sedation prior to synch cardioversion. How many ml will you give. The versed vial has 10mg in 2ml....
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