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Block 3.2 Review Know about influenza virus. Definition of cellular immunity. (T-Cells) Diabetes question – osmotic diuresis. Excess sugar is pissed out and water follows sugar. OSMOTIC DIURESIS : DEFINITION: OSMOTIC DIURESIS- greatly increased urination and dehydration caused when high levels of glucose CANNOT be reabsorbed into the blood (180mg/dL) from the kidney tubules and the osmotic pressure of the glucose in the tubules prevents water reabsorption dehydration. SO… - normally when the kidneys filter blood in the glomeruli- reabsorb useful materials (water, glucose…) -glucose is normally reabsorbed into the body through an active transport process -the body tries to regulate blood glucose between 80-140mg/dL (homeostasis body balanced and happy) -kidneys trying to excrete glucose when 180+ mg/dL (to prevent acidosis) – glucose pulls out fluids with it b’cuz it hypertonic when compared to blood increase in urine (polyuria) CAUSED BY: -if glucose levels are above 180mg/dL, glucose is excreted in the urine and pulls water out with it b’cuz osmotic pressure rises in the kidney and is hypertonic to blood- (osmotic pressure makes water follow glucose in urine). S/S: polyurea(urine, much- pee a lot) diuresis (formation and secretion of large amounts of urine)- glycosuria (glucose in urine, sweet urine – ‘mellitus’) -if this flow rate inside the kidney increases it may cause increased excretion of potassium hypokalemia, which may cause cardiac dysrhythmia’s -usually occurs in diabetes type I Rx: -fluids -insulin as indicated
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Glucagon – know gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis, etc. Terms dealing with that crap. o Gluconeogenesis – conversion of protein and fat to form glucose. o Glycogenolysis – breakdown of glycogen to glucose; primarily by liver cells. o Glucagon – produced by alpha cells in the pancreas. Helps raise blood glucose. Glycogen is stored in the liver primarily Abdominal pain questions, using scenarios. .. cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, bowel obstruction and diverticulitis. OB questions – placenta previa, abruptio placentae, preeclampsia, eclampsia Oxytocin (pitocin) Immediately after birth, an infant is allowed to suckle at the mothers breast. Milk flows from the nipple, and palpation of the uterus suggests that the uterus is contracting. These findings suggest that the: o Posterior pituitary is secreting Oxytocin Definition with psychs: mood, affect, etc. o Affect – visible indicators of mood o Posture – position, attitude, or bearing of the body. o Behavior – a persons observable conduct and activity. Anaphylaxis and drugs for treating it. o
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Block3-2review8998 - Block 3.2 Review sugar Know about...

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