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Ch6TestReview - Chapter 6 Quiz 1 Murphys sign is a Pain...

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Chapter 6 Quiz 1. Murphy’s sign is: a. Pain produced by pressing under the right costal margin in the presence of an inflamed gallbladder . 2. Your patient is a 22- year old female in mild distress who is complaining of left lower quadrant abdominal pain and nausea. Which of the following questions would be LEAST helpful when determining the etiology of her abdominal pain? a. “have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?” 3. All of the following contribute to the pathogenesis of diverticulosis EXCEPT: a. Decreased colon motility 4. Your patient, who has a history of Cholecystitis, is experiencing pain in her right shoulder. She is most likely experiencing _____ pain. a. Somatic b. Referred c. Visceral d. Cardiac 5. While palpating the lower abdomen of a 63- year old male complaining of back pain, you note a pulsating mass. You should: 6. Which of the following correctly lists the organs and regions of the gastrointestinal tract in sequence after the stomach? 7. Your patient is a 24- year old male complaining of a 1 week history of abdominal pain. He describes the pain as in the upper-right quadrant, dull and reproducible with movement and palpation. He also describes a decreased appetite, weight loss, and clay-colored stool over the same period. Of the following, which is the most likely cause of his clinical condition? a. Acute hepatitis b. Ruptured spleen
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