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Ocean County College Department of Chemistry LAB 7: Identification of Metallic Ions Submitted by Craig Nowakowski Date Submitted: March 18, 2010 Date Performed: March 19, 2010 Lab Section: DL1 Course Instructor: Professor Tamburro Ocean County College 1 General Chemistry I DL1 Chemistry Department
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Purpose: In this lab I will observe alkali and alkaline earth metal ions from performing flame tests. When a metallic ion is heated in a flame test, the heat causes an electron to be exicted to a higher energy state. When this electron returns to a lower energy state, energy is emitted as visible light. Depending on how much energy is released when the electron returns from the higher to lower energy state will determine what color the flame will be. Colors in general result from either emission of light of specific wavelengths, or absorption of light of specific wavelengths from a mix of photons. At the root of both emission and absorption is the excitement of electrons. The colors will hopefully allow me to differentiate between different alkali and alkaline earth métal ions. Procedure: Start the lab reading all of the lab seven materials. Create a safe workspace clear of debris and clutter. Lay out all of the required material including; chemicals, 24- well plate, burner, matches, q-tips, and goggles. Wear the goggles before working with any chemicals. Put .5ml of each of the nitrates into a different we of the 24-
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This note was uploaded on 03/25/2010 for the course CHEM CHEM 181 taught by Professor Tamburro during the Spring '10 term at Ocean County College.

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Chem Lab 7 - Ocean County College Department of Chemistry...

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