A&P lab1 - Name: _Craig Nowakowski_ Section: _DL3_...

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Name: __Craig Nowakowski__________________ Section: _DL3__________________ Laboratory Report: Exercise 1: Using the Microscope Purpose: 1. know the parts of the microscope and their purpose. 2. know how to safely transport the microscope. 3. be able to properly clean the microscope. 4. know how to store the microscope safely. 5. observe various specimens on microscope slides using the low, high, and oil immersion Safety is always of the utmost importance when dealing with lab equipment. It is important have a clean working area, follow good safety practices including properly lifting of microscope, and use proper PPE when necessary. INTRODUCTION Questions: 1. The following statements are true or false. If true, write a “T” on the answer line. If false, write a word or phrase in the blank to make the statement true. __F__ a) The microscope lens may be cleaned with any soft tissue. No, you should only you the appropriate cleaning supplies to ensure that the lenses do not get scratched. (provided cleaning
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A&P lab1 - Name: _Craig Nowakowski_ Section: _DL3_...

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