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Name: Craig Nowakowski Section: DL3 Lab Report: Exercise 4: Overview of the Skeletal System Purpose: The purpose of his lab is to gain an understanding of the skeletal system. The Skeletal System serves many important functions; it provides the shape and form for our bodies in addition to supporting, protecting, allowing bodily movement, producing blood for the body, and storing minerals. This lab will allow me to distinguish between types of bones and cartilage, the different functions of the skeletal system and the intricacies of the microscopic components. During this lab I will insure that I maintain a clean working area, read the instructions thoroughly, and take proper safety pre-cautions when deemed necessary. Activity 1: The Chemical Components of Bone 1. Describe the effect that the lemon juice (acid) had on the chicken leg bone. - No immediate effect but, over a longer period of time the lemon juice will drain a bone of its minerals/calcium. The bone is an structure formed of a collagen web impregned of Calcium Carbonate. The lemon juice has Citric Acid, a weak acid. 2. Describe the effect that baking (heat) had on the chicken leg bone. - For brief periods of time there is little distinguishable effect on bone in the short term, but with increased boiling times it can mirror diagenetic effects observed in archaeological bone. This experiment explores the relationship between the loss of collagen and alterations to the bone mineral.
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3. Rickets is a disease where the bones are not formed completely in children due to a lack of vitamin D. Does the heated or the acid soaked bone represent a child with rickets? Explain why you think so. -
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A&P lab 4 - Name Craig Nowakowski Section DL3 Lab...

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