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Name: Craig Nowakowski Section: DL3 Lab Report: Exercise 6: Joints and Body Movements Purpose: Joints are where two bones come together. The joints hold the bones together and allow for movement of the skeleton. All of the bones, except the hyoid bone in the neck, form a joint. Joints are often categorized by the amount of motion they allow. Some of the joints are fixed, like those in the skull, allow for no movement. Other joints, like those between the vertebrae of the spine, allow for some movement. Most of the joints are free moving synovial joints. In this exercise I will exam how joints function and thereby discover how they allow for movement in the body. Basic lab precautions are in place, including keep a clean workspace and washing your hand when dealing with raw poultry. In order to ensure that this occurs layout the equipment before hand in a clean sterile environment and follow safe work practices. Activity 1: Identifying Fibrous Joints Questions: A. As you observe the skull explain how the structure of the sutures between the cranial bones is related to the overall function of the cranium. Children’s heads needs to squeeze through the birth canal during delivery, humans have evolved with a soft skull composed of many different bony plates that meet at regions called cranial "sutures". These sutures also allow the skull to grow rapidly during the first year of life, at which time the bones start to slowly fuse together. This allows the skull to continue to protect the skull during early development.
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B. Why are synarthroses an important component of fibrous joints? Synarthrotic joint is to provide a stable union between bony surfaces. The suture and
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A&P Lab 6 - Name Craig Nowakowski Section DL3 Lab...

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