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Lab 7 - Identification of Metallic Ions

Lab 7 - Identification of Metallic Ions - Ocean County...

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Ocean County College Department of Chemistry LAB 7: IDENTIFICATION OF METALLIC IONS Submitted by Rebecca S. Campbell Date Submitted: 18 MAR 2010 Date Performed: 17 MAR 2010 Lab Section: DL2 Course Instructor: Professor Maria Tamburro Ocean County College 1 General Chemistry I DL2 Chemistry Department
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Purpose : The purpose of this lab is to perform flame tests on several different alkali and alkaline earth metal ions and observe released energy by noting the flame characteristic color with a red color possessing low energy and a violet color possessing high energy. Procedure: Be sure to read the experiment in its entirety before conducting the exercise. Organize all materials needed for the experiment, prepare a table to record your lab results and put on safety gear. In the 24-well plate place approximately .5mL of sodium nitrate, calcium nitrate, cupric nitrate, lithium nitrate, potassium nitrate, strontium nitrate and the unknown substance into different wells. Be sure to indicate the well location for each substance on your prepared table. Start the experiment by soaking the end of a cotton swab into the solution of sodium nitrate. Light the burner fuel and carefully pass the soaked end of the cotton swab back and forth through the flame of your heat source until a change of color in the flame takes place.
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