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System software Lesson 5 – Introduction to operating systems comp229 Department of computer science Page 1 of 3 Fall 2003 Review exercises 5.1 Explain two differences that exist between a multiprogrammed batch operating system and a time-sharing operating system. (i) In a batch system the jobs are allowed to keep the CPU until they terminate whereas in a timesharing system a user process is interrupted at regular intervals (by a timer) to relinquish the CPU to other processes. (ii) In a batch system there is no direct user interactivity with the computer whereas in a timesharing system users can submit their requests through a terminal. 5.2 Is the throughput or the response time more important to measure the performance of (i) a time-sharing operating system and (ii) a multiprogrammed batch operating system? Explain. (i) The response time is a more important performance measure for a time-sharing system because it allows the system to measure the amount of time that an interactive user has to wait for a request to be processed. (ii) The throughput is a more important performance measure for a batch system because it measures the number of jobs that have been processed in a given time period. 5.3
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comp229-exercises-solution-5 - System software Review...

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