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System software Lesson 8 – Device management comp229 Department of computer science Page 1 of 4 Fall 2003 Review exercises 8.1 Define the terms (i) device (or I/O) manager, (ii) device driver, (iii) device handler, and (iv) device controller. (i) A device manager is the kernel component that implements the data structures and the system calls that are required to perform I/O operations. (ii) A device driver is a software that is used by the device manager to perform I/O operations for the processes. (iii) A device handler is a module of a device driver that is called by the kernel to service an interrupt request for a specific device. (iv) A device controller is a hardware component that is part of a device and that connects the device to the computer through the bus. The device driver uses the device controller to operate a specific device. 8.2 Explain how the file manager interacts with the device manager when I/O operations are performed. The file manager provides the first level of abstraction to a device and exports an interface to processes to request I/O operations. The device manager then routes the high-level I/O requests from the processes to the appropriate devices. 8.3 Explain a situation where the process manager interacts with the device manager to handle an I/O operation for a process. When a process performs a blocking I/O operation, the I/O manager calls the process manager to schedule another process while the I/O operation is in progress. Once the I/O operation is completed, the I/O manager calls again the process manager to reschedule the process that was blocked on the I/O operation.
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