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1 Question 1. Assemblers [18 marks] a) The initialized variables (e.g. BYTE, WORD) are always declared before the uninitialized variables (e.g. RESB, RESW) in the source program. Moreover, the initialized and uninitialized variables are always grouped together. Would that make any difference in the object program if we had declared those variables in any order and without grouping? [4] If the initialized and uninitialized variables could be declared in any order, we would have to start a new text record whenever a new group of initialized variables is started. It is so because there could be no breaks within a given text record to allow space reservation for the uninitialized variables. b) A disassembler is a system software that converts an object (or executable) program into a source program. At disassembling time, only the opcode table is available and thus it becomes almost impossible to reconstruct the original labels because of the missing symbol table. [10] (i) Explain how we could do to include a label field and to replace the numeric operand references by appropriate labels in the disassembled program. If these operations require more than one pass, specify what happens during each pass. [7] Pass one. - Scan the address field of each machine instruction. - Determine the memory operand references. - Enter the memory operand references into the symbol table and associate a label (say LABEL1, LABEL2, etc) to the numeric operand. Also, specify whether the new label is a memory reservation or an instruction address (e.g. operand is referred to by a jump instruction). Concordia University
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Comp229-Midterm-sol-F2002 - Concordia University Department...

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