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Concordia University Department of computer science Midterm test - solution Professor : Kerly Titus Course : System software (COMP229/1-CC) Date : Thursday, July 24 2008 Time : 18 :30 – 19:45 Special instructions : - Answer all questions on the booklet - Answer using simple but concise phrases - No documentation allowed Question 1. Assemblers [19 marks] a) A disassembler is a system software that converts an object (or executable) program into a source program. Explain the difficulties that would occur when a source program is reconstructed into its original form (i.e. with symbolic labels, symbolic opcodes, and symbolic operand references) using a disassembler. In other words, explain whether or not it would be possible to reconstruct the original labels, opcodes, and operand references. If possible explain how and if not possible give a solution. [7] Yes, i t would be possible to reconstruct an object program into a source program using a disassembler. The opcode table could be used to extract information about the opcodes and their addressing mode. However, the symbolic labels and the symbolic operand references could not be reconstructed because the object program does not hold any of the symbol table information. Nevertheless, it would still be possible to build a symbol table and to assign new names to the numeric addresses. b)
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This note was uploaded on 03/25/2010 for the course COMP COMP229 So taught by Professor Guy during the Spring '10 term at Concordia Canada.

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Comp229-Midterm-S2008-solutions - Concordia University...

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