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05- Energy notes - Energy Energy Energy is a term we use a...

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Energy Energy - Energy is a term we use a lot, but loosely - To a biologist, energy is: - The capacity to do work—the potential to cause change - work: moving, changing, creating order, . .. - Energy comes in many forms: - Chemical: bonds - Electromagnetic: light - Concentration gradients: dam - Mechanical: molecular motion Forms of energy: potential energy - Potential energy: - Energy that has been captured and is stored - Figure 6.1: girl stored energy while climbing up ladder, she's further away from the ground, she can use this stored energy to get back down - Will be used in future - In biology, seen as: - existing chemical bonds - Concentration gradients - storing ion, then allowing it to move and get the energy out Forms of energy: kinetic energy - Kinetic energy: - Energy of motion - energy being used - energy being converted from one form of energy to another - breaking of chemical bonds - In biology, seen as: - formation of new bonds - Movement/flow (mechanical energy) - flows down concentration gradient - ions move away from area of concentration and releases energy - Figure 6.1b: girl going down the slide First law of thermodynamics - 1 st law: Conservation Law - Energy cannot be created or destroyed - we have a certain amount of energy and that's all the energy we have - Energy can be converted and change form - Energy doesn't disappear when used, it just changes form - In a closed system: - During an energy transaction, the amount of total energy doesn't change - When we throw away trash, it doesn't disappear. It just goes to the dump.
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Second law of thermodynamics - 2 nd law: increasing entropy over time - When we change energy from one form to another, we decrease the amount of usable energy we have. - Usable energy = energy that can do work. -
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05- Energy notes - Energy Energy Energy is a term we use a...

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