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BonusReportInstructions - BIOLOGY 110 WRITTEN REPORT Spring...

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BIOLOGY 110 Spring 2009 WRITTEN REPORT Your Bonus Report Topic is located in the “My Grades” section of BIOL 110 in Blackboard. The topic will become visible on the day of your recitation during the week of March 23-24. Guidelines : By writing a report on the topic assigned to you, you may earn a maximum of 10 bonus points. The body of the report must be double-spaced in a 10 point or 12 point font (Times New Roman is best), must be at least three full pages long (not counting references, see below) and should not exceed five full pages. References : Your references must appear on a separate page at the end of the report. The paper should cite references for all explicit information, thus in-text citations are required. This paper must be based on a minimum of three references, one of which may be your textbook, and another of which should be another book or hard copy source. You probably will not be able to find a book whose title
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