practice MC questions 12.09

practice MC questions 12.09 - 115-T Final Exam (Test E1)...

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Unformatted text preview: 115-T Final Exam (Test E1) 12/16/081.How many mL of O2measured at 752 mm Hg and 23.0oC are expected from the complete decomposition of 3.00 g of H2O2?2 H2O2() 2H2O() + O2(g)(a)1.08 mL(b) 128 mL(c) 1080 mL(d) 84.1 mL(e) 28.1mL2.A pair of students found that an average of 0.2991 g of sodium carbonate (105.9888 g/mol) was required to react with 25.00 mL of HCl solution. Given the balanced chemical equation below, calculate the concentration of the HCl solution.Na2CO3(s) + 2 HCl(aq) 1 2 NaCl(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O()(a)0.1411 M(b)0.2258 M(c)0.1336 M(d)0.05644 M(e)0.1129 M3. How many atoms of Americium-241 were in a smoke detector that contained 2.0 x 104mg of Americium-241 when it was first made? [241Am = 241.0047 amu]. This radionuclide decays via alpha emission and has a half life of 432.2 years.(a)2.5 x 1014atoms(b)5.0 x 1014atoms(c)5.0 x 1017 atoms(d)2.9 x 1022atoms(e)6.02 x 1023atoms4. What is the half-life of an isotope if it decays to 12.5% of its radioactivity in 18 minutes?(a)9 minutes(b)18 minutes(c) 12 minutes(d) 6 minutes(e) 0.17 minutes5. P-32, a radioisotope used in leukemia therapy, has a half-life of 14.26 days. What percent of a sample remains after 35 days? (a)20%(b)82%(c)4.8%(d)18%(e)5.5%6. One fission reaction of 235U, produces 160Sm, three neutrons and another nuclide. What is the other nuclide?(a)7530Zn(b)7230Zn(c)7230Co(d)7527Co(e)7575Re7. To completely burn one mole of propanol, C3H7OH, how many moles of O2are required? (a)0.53 mol(b)9.0 mol(c)5.0 mol(d)4.5 mol(e)7.0 mol8. In the best Lewis Dot structure of SOCl2, which of the following statements is true?(a)The oxygen is the central atom.(b)There is a double bond between the sulfur atom and the oxygen atom(c)There is a single bond between the sulfur atom and the oxygen atom(d)The formal charge on the oxygen is one.(e)The bond angles are slightly less than 120o. 1115-T Final Exam (Test E1) 12/16/089. Use VSEPR theory to predict the electron pair geometry and the molecular geometry of ClF4.Electron pair geometryMolecular geometry(a)TetrahedralTetrahedral(b)Trigonal bipyramidalTrigonal bipyramidal(c)Trigonal bipyramidalSee-Saw or teeter-totter(d)OctahedralSquare pyramidal(e)OctahedralSquare planar10.What is the molecular formula for the following structure?(a)C5H12(b)C7H14(c)C7H16(d)C3H8(e)C7H1211.What is the formula of the oxide of Al?(a)AlO(b)AlO2(c)AlO3(d)Al2O2(e)Al2O312.Cl, Br, and I, all members of group 7A, form calcium salts with the same calcium-halide ratio because Cl, Br, and I atoms:(a)are the same size.(b)have the same first ionization energy.(c)have the same valence shell configuration.(d)all form diatomic molecules.(e)all are nonmetals._____ 13.Which of these molecules is notplanar?...
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practice MC questions 12.09 - 115-T Final Exam (Test E1)...

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