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1 Cultures in Contact - Native Americans Phases of History...

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Native Americans - Phases of History – Worldwide Pre-Columbian Changes - Prior to 12000 BCE - Not much evidence - Might have been period of migration for Native Americans - 12000 – 6000 BCE - Period where we begin to see that culture changed - Begin to use sophisticated hunting tools - Population boom - Small settlements began - 6000 BCE – 500 BCE - Agricultural Revolution: phase in which people figured out how to plant and harvest crops. - Happened all around the world, at the same time. - 500 BCE – 1492 - Civilizations grew and became complex - Developed written language - Politics, religion, trade are all parts of modern society - Aztecs - At their peak when Spanish explorers arrived - In/around Mexico City - Founded on warfare and military conquests - Took over other communities and made them pay taxes - Aztecs had a different way of writing
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- Had a special calendar - Had knowledge of engineering, astronomy, and time - Organized society – hierarchy/social classes - Hopewell Mounds - Indiana - Made burial mounds -
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