2 The English in America

2 The English in America - The English in America- Why...

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Unformatted text preview: The English in America- Why England wanted colonies- Mid 1500s: Spanish explorations were very profitable, Spain became wealthiest country in the world- England and Spain were often at war with one another- Queen Elizabeth I wanted to earn profit and get same access to power as the Spanish- Lots of pressure to explore- Enormous growth in population, economy could not support it- Economic crisis affected all classes- Rich: 1 st son got everything; 2 nd son got nothing, had to choose between military and religion- Lower classes:- Enclosure movements: people fenced off their land- Late 1400-1500s- Poor migrated to cities to work or beg, burden to economy- Sent voyages to Americans because of economic pressure- Unsuccessful colonies- Sir Humphery Gilbert: 1582- Sailed to Canada: New Found Land- Established a small village- On his way back to England, had three ships: one made it there, Gilberts vanished, and the third sank- Did not establish permanent settlement- Sir Walter Raleigh: 1585- Made a few voyages- 2 nd voyage: Roanoke Island- Established tiny community of 100 people- John White was in charge. He left for a while and at his return, everyone was gone.- They were supposed to go to Crotoan if anything happened. Saw CRO carved in a tree. They went there, but no one was in Crotoan. We have no idea what happened....
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2 The English in America - The English in America- Why...

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