4 Colonies and Conflicts

4 Colonies and Conflicts - The Colonies and Conflicts MA...

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The Colonies and Conflicts - MA presented as a colony with equality for all - MA colonies established American democracy - Theocracy: government run by religion - Each town had a church in the middle - All homes were within walking distance to church, created sense of equality - Land granted to people all around, sometimes very close, other times further away, not all in one spot - A map of Plymouth shows the sense of equality - All residents located close to the town’s center - Puritans believed in the “Great Chain of Being” Church government family God Women Children Servants Slaves Indians - Tons of Puritans were coming to MA - Conflict with the Native Americans - First year of contact was peaceful, but tension started building up at the end of the 2 nd year - Severed head of NA displayed - Conflict arose as Puritan population grew - Pequot War (1637) o Powerful in trade with others o Puritans attacked Native American village, Pequots returned by attacking British village o Puritans went to Pequot enemies and teamed up with them o Puritans burned Pequot village, series of attacks followed, killed hundreds of people, sold survivors as slaves o Attacked Pequot in layered circle First row: Pequot rival tribe, had to hand exchange, beating Second row: Pequot rival tribe, bows and arrows Third row: English with rifles o Not many survived o Interpreted victory as God’s blessing on them
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o Continued to expand westward - 1637-1675: 90 new Puritan towns established - Metacom (leader of Indians) Wampanoag Indians aka “King Philip” o Upset with British expansion into Wampanoag territory - King Phillip’s War (1675) o Wampanoags attacked British towns o Destroyed 12 Puritan communities o 1/10 adult, able bodied white man was either killed or captured by Wampanoag o English had weaponry and unity o English appealed for help from Metacom’s enemies
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4 Colonies and Conflicts - The Colonies and Conflicts MA...

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