6 Witchcraft - W itchcraft People believed in witches...

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Witchcraft - People believed in witches strongly - Witches were very harmful, had willingly given their souls to the devil for some powers that could hurt people/animals - Believed in witchcraft because of religion and wonderbooks - Wonderbooks: stories of crazy natural happenings, extremely gruesome murders, descriptions of deformed children, suggested those happenings could all be attributed to either God’s blessings or Devil’s curse - Follower of Anne Hutchinson gave birth to still bourn child, evidence that Anne communicated with the devil - Europeans also concerned with witchcraft - Cotton Mather: many symbols for witchcraft, one symbol – cats - Witchcraft trials in Europe often executed 100s-1000s - 1647-1724: witchcraft trials in US, 100s accused – 75 tried – 38 executed - Accusor pointed out someone who might be a witch, minister examined the accused, if accused seemed guilty, there was a trial - Elizabeth Goodman o Accused Caused miscarriages Hindered churning of butter and brewing of beer Sexual relations with devil Knowing things no woman could know o Goodman requested a trial be held o In the trial, did not have sufficient evidence to be found guilty, but had to put sum of money to promise she’d be good and restricted community involvement
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o Usually, if someone was found innocent, they’d be left alone - Salem o Different from other trials b/c of hysteria
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6 Witchcraft - W itchcraft People believed in witches...

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