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Out of Many 164-185 - The American Revolution A national...

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The American Revolution A national Community Evolves at Valley Forge - Soldiers in terrible condition, dirty, chanted “no bread, no soldier!” in Jan. 1778 - Congress refused to pay for food and clothing - Farmers preferred to deal with the British because thye paid in pounds sterling instead of Contenintal currency - Army men were tenant farmers, indentured servants, African Americans, … - Women encamped at Valley Forge nursed the sick and buried the dead - The spirit of community among fighting men is what contributes most to their success in battle - Prussian officer taught them how to fight as a unit, they were already resilient and tough - The different men had common identity in their struggle - Continental Army acted as a popular democratic force The War for Independence - At the beginning of the Revolution, the British had the world’s best-equipped and most disciplined army, as well as a navy that was unopposed in American waters - Patriots fought on their own ground where their population was spread throughout – advantage - The Patriot Forces o Militias were important to defend their own areas o States failed to meet their quotas for regiments in the Continental Army because people preferred to join militias o Militias failed in the early battles so they enlarged state quotas for the army o In late 1775, CC said new black enlistments were forbidden in the south o Later, thousands of southern slaves enlisted o Army evolved into a powerful force for nationalist sentiment
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o Continental Army formed a national political community - The Toll of War o 25324 American men died fighting, 6800 from wounds, the rest of disease o Counts only include major battles, not the small ones o British forces suffered 10000 killed/wounded in major battles - The Loyalists o Loyal to British crown o Aka Tories o Most were recent migrants to colonies, born in England, Scotland, or Ireland o Included ethnic minorities who had been persecuted by dominant majority
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Out of Many 164-185 - The American Revolution A national...

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