Out of Many 231-249

Out of Many 231-249 - Renewed Imperial Rivalry in North...

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Renewed Imperial Rivalry in North America - Disaster for American trade - Ships were “blown off course,” left port illegally, smuggling flourished - Navy’s weakness due to Jefferson’s cuts - Madison and the Failure of “Peaceable Coercion” o Peaceable coercion: Jefferson’s failure o James Madison, Democratic Republican, became president in the next election o Embargo Act had no effect on its intended victims o Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 and Macon’s Bill Number 2 in 1810: unsuccessfully attempted to prohibit trade with Britain and France unless they ceaced their hostile treatment of US shipping - A contradictory Indian policy o Indians determined to resist wave of expansion o Indian Intercourse Act of 1790: US could not simply seize Indian land; it could only acquire it when the Indians ceded it by treaty o Cycle of invasion, resistance, and defeat o Jefferson wanted to civilize the Indians, many Indians actively resisted o After Louisiana Purchase, Jefferson offered traditionalist Indian groups new lands west of the Mississippi River - Indian Resistance o Shawnees had been resisting since 1750s but were defeated in 1794 at Fallen Timbers o In 1805, Tenskwatawa aka The Prophet preched message of Indian revitalization, Northwest Indians will bet their land if they return to traditional ways o 6 yrs earlier, Handsome Lake led the Seneca people of upstate NY in a similar movement
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o Tecumseh led a powerful pan-indian military resistance movement, gained followers with each treaty William Henry Harrison concluded o British supported Tecumseh o Treaty of Fort Wayne in 1809: US gained 3 million acres of land in IN, Tecumseh moved from passive to active resistance o In Nov. 1811, when Tecumseh was away recruiting, Harrson marched to Tippecanoe with 1000 soldier. Indian warriors in town and Tenskwatawa attacked Harrsion’s forces on Nov 7, but the attack failed, battle followed. Indians went to other American settlements and killed pioneers, Tecumseh
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Out of Many 231-249 - Renewed Imperial Rivalry in North...

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