TS 164-184 - Taking Sides 164-184 | 1 Was James Madison an...

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Taking Sides 164-184 | 1 Was James Madison an Effective Wartime President? - Although some diplomatic historians have insisted that the US immediately became a major player on the world stage, clearly independence did not automatically bring into being a strong nation capable of competing effectively with the major European powers. - Articles of Confederation too weak to enforce foreign interests - Relations with England over American shipping and trade rights declined during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson - President Madison failed to persuade the British to halt their attacks on American shipping so he requested Congress to declare war against Great Britain The Last of the Fathers: James Madison and the Republican Legacy by Drew R. McCoy - The Character of the Good Statesman o After Madison quit public office for the last time, he behaved as if he were beginning rather than ending a career. He was going down the Potomac River, talking and jesting with everyone on board. o Good cheer reflected happy condition of his country after a crisis-ridden term as chief executive that had nearly issued in disaster o Madison achieved greatness earlier in his career, declined later o His presidency was an embarrassment o British invasion and burning of DC o Mr. Madison’s War o Some say he earned the gratitude of his fellow citizens, deserved special commendation o Led his nation through a difficult second war for independence o Never hinted at measures abridging freedom of speech or press o Madison had not used the occasion of war to expand executive power or to
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TS 164-184 - Taking Sides 164-184 | 1 Was James Madison an...

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