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TS 267-287 - Taking Sides 267-287 | 1 Was the Mexican War...

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Taking Sides 267-287 | 1 Was the Mexican War an Exercise in American Imperialism? Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War by Ramón Eduardo Ruiz - All nations have a sense of destiny. - The term “Manifest Destiny” was coined by John L. O’Sullivan, who spoke of America’s special mission - Voiced the expansionist sentiment that had gripped Americans since their forefathers had landed on the shores of the New World in the 17 th century - Pervasive was a spirit of nationalism, the belief that what Americans upheld was right and good, that Providence had designated them the chose people. - Stood for democracy and freedom - Millions of Americans believed that God had willed them all of North America - Fears of European designs on Texas, California, and Oregon led Americans to identify freedom with expansion. - Southerners declared the annexation of Texas essential to their prosperity and to the survival of slavery - Others insisted that expansion helped individual states preserve their liberties - Expansion favored liberties of the individual - Expansion guaranteed political liberty of the person and the opportunity to improve himself economically - Liberty was for the white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant - This wasn’t a part of the Mexican heritage - Mexico had abolished slavery, few Mexicans believed in themselves, US hadn’t abolished slavery, Americans believed in Manifest Destiny - Most Mexicans were descendants of both Spaniards and Indians - Accepted Indians as a member of the republic - Reservations for Indians were never a part of the Spanish heritage, ultimate aim was full citizenship for the Indian and his descendants - Christian teachings taught that the Indian possessed a soul, was the equal of his European conquerors
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Taking Sides 267-287 | 2 - Dreams of national and personal glory and wealth dominated the Spaniard’s outlook.
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