John C. Calhoun - o Calhoun was for state rights o As Mr X...

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Rachel Romm John C. Calhoun Opposed Andrew Jackson Info: Supported the War of 1812; War Hawk In the Bonus Bill for Public Works; he pushed for high protective tariffs and a national bank Andrew Jackson opposed a national bank o Calhoun thought the bank was a good idea because it united our country more o Andrew Jackson say a national bank unconstitutional Appointed Secretary of War in 1817 by James Monroe Calhoun’s enemies were the “old republicans” (Jeffersonians) Created the Bureau for Indian Affairs Didn’t support the Missouri Compromise o Believed slavery threatened the Union Secretary of State for John Quincy Adams o Believed the outcome of the 1828 election was manipulated by Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams Later became Adam’s Vice President Was Andrew Jackson’s Vice President for the first term The Tariff of 1828 caused a rift between him and Andrew Jackson
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Unformatted text preview: o Calhoun was for state rights o As Mr. X. he wrote an anonymous essay entitled South Carolina Exposition and Protest o In his essay, he claimed that states had the right to repeal a federal law if it harmed their well-being o South Carolina did just that and passed the Ordinance of Nullification on both the Tariff of 1828 and Tariff of 1832 o Andrew Jackson threatened to use the Army to take Charleston and the rest of South Carolina To allow this, Jackson passed the Force Bill (1833) o South Carolina backed down –crisis resolved Jackson prevented South Carolina from seceding from the Union • Calhoun resigned from his position as Andrew Jackson’s Vice President • Calhoun sort of committed treason • Definitely the end of Calhoun’s and Jackson’s friendship...
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