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Terms: Jacksonian America 1. Election of 1824 (candidates, issues, results) – AJ 99; Adam 84; Crawford 41; Clay 37; up to Clay to choose the VP; Clay chose Adams 2. Corrupt bargain – Clay chose Adams not b/c he liked him, but b/c he hated AJ 3. Alexis de Tocqueville – French aristocrat who visited the US; surprised at the equality of the people 4. democratization ” - reformed 5. Franchise - right of voting 6. Dorr Rebellion – RI. Thomas L. Dorr and followers formed “People’s Party” and drafted a new constitution for the voters; started setting up a new gov under their constitution; failed quickly; Dorr surrendered and was briefly imprisoned; pressured a drafting of a new RI constitution which expanded suffrage 7. Election of 1828 – electors were chosen by popular vote in every state except SC; voter turn up increased to 58% 8. Bucktails/Albany Regency – Martin Van Buren’s group; political faction; after the war of 1812, they began challenging political leadership; argued only an institutionalized party, based on populace at large, could ensure genuine democracy 9. Spoils system/”specie of property ” – what AJ told congress; removed 1/5 th of federal officeholders 10. national convention v. caucus – caucus worked to restrict access to the office to those favored by the elites; national convention convention to renominate AJ for prez; later corrupt; believed power would arise directly from the people not the aristocrats. 11. John C. Calhoun – AJ’s vice prez; congressional leader during the war of 1812; served as secretary of state; Adam's vice prez; opposed the tariffs b/c of SC; 12. nullification (Calhoun’s proposal) – offered a more moderate alternative for nullification; drew ideas form the VA, KY resolve; argued that the that since the fed gov was a creation of the states, the states themselves were able to judge the federal laws; if stats concluded that congress has passed an unconstitutional law, it would null and void the law w/ in the state; the law would remain void until ¾ of the states ratifies it as an amendment in the constitution; the nullified state will then choose to btwn submitting the law or seceding from the union. 13. Tariff of 1816/ “Tariff of abominations” – claimed by SC was the source of all their problems; it raised the prices they had to pay for manufacturing goods they couldn’t produce themselves 14. Martin Van Buren – leader of the democratic party in NY; elected gov; had nicknames; appointed secretary of state by AJ; member of official +kitchen cabinet; 15. Kitchen Cabinet – unofficial circle of allies who AJ relied on 16. Peggy O’Neale/Eaton Affairs – attractive and vivacious daughter of a Washington tavern keeper whom both AJ and Eaton had taken lodging w/ while serving as senators; rumor had it that Eaton had a romantic affair w/ her even though she was married; she married Eaton after her husband died; Eaton made secretary of war
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Jackson__Terms - Terms: Jacksonian America 1. Election of...

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