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Rachel Romm Culture in the Jeffersonian Era Embraced nationalism Had a very optimistic view of what America would become Made their own textbooks to prevent the aristocratic ideas of England from infecting people Geography Made Easy (1784) Webster argued that American students should be educated as patriots, “as soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country” Webster insisted on a simplified Americanized system of spelling Webster’s American Spelling Book eventually sold over 100 million copies (best-selling book in America’s history besides bible) British version ↓ o colo u r" o " wag g on", o " cent re " o "musqueto e "; o "potato e " o “favo u rite” o “hono u r” o Analy se o critici se o memori se o enro l ment o ski l ful o met re o theat re o anal ogue o catal ogue o encylycop ae dia o man oe uvre o medi ae val o ban que o def ence o jewe lle ry o drau gh t o p y jamas  o plou gh o t y re o added American words, like "skunk" and "squash", that did not appear in British
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