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Antebellum Terms 1. textile mills 2. free labor - 3. immigration factors (“push” and “pull” factors) 4. Nativism – defense of native-born people with a hostility to the foreign-born 5. Native American Association/Native American Party – began agitating against immigration in 1837; held a convention in Philadelphia in 1845 6. Know Nothings/American Party – successful in the east in 1854; declined afterwards 7. Erie Canal – governor De Witt Clinton in 1817; building began July 4 th 1817; forty feet wide and four feet deep; gave NY direct access to Chicago 8. trunk lines – shorter railroads merged into longer ones 9. Samuel F.B. Morse – 1844 telegraph 10. corporations – individual merchant capitalism giving way to corporations; had the advantage of combining the resources of a large number of shareholders 11. interchangeable parts - 12. merchant capitalists v. industrial capitalists 13. Lowell system 14. factory system —tasks, labor supply, deterioration 15. trade unions - an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals in key areas and working condition 16. middle class 17. Oberlin College/Mt. Holyoke 18. cult of domesticity 19. Upper South/Lower South 20. short-staple cotton 21. cotton gin 22. Cotton Kingdom 23. James B.D. DeBow 24. planter aristocracy 25. plantation mistress 26. plain folk 27. peculiar institution 28. slave codes 29. overseers 30. head drivers 31. task system v. gang system 32. Nat Turner’s Revolt 33. Sambo 34. slave revolts/slave resistance 35. pidgin 36. territory 37. Manifest Destiny/John L. O’Sullivan – America was ideal (not selfish) so they had to expand this awesomeness west; democratic editor who gave the movement its name 38. penny press – inexpensive newspaper aimed at a mass audience; manifest destiny published philosophy in it 39. Stephen F. Austin – young Texan immigrant from Missouri who established the first legal American settlement in Texas ; imprisoned 40. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna – sieved power as dictator of Texas and imposed an new, more conservative and tyrannical regime on the nation; imprisoned Austin 41. Sam Houston – general that managed to keep a smell force together, on April 23, 1836, defeated the Mexican army at the battle of San Jacinto and took Santo Anna as prisoner; new president of Texas 42. San Jacinto - Houston defeated the Mexican army, on April 23, 1836 and took Santo Anna as prisoner; Santa Anna signed a treaty giving Texas independence 43. Texas annexation question – should Texas be a state? 44.
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Antebellum_Terms - Antebellum Terms 1 textile mills 2 free...

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