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Rachel Romm Ms. Mackley Biology IH P5 21 October 2008 1.) What are trans fats? -unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acids -can be mono-saturated or poly-saturated 2.) How are they made? - Hydrogenation of plant oils - Hydrogenation: add atoms to cis-unsaturated fat making it more saturated - Some occur naturally in meat and dairy from cud-chewing animals 3.) How are they commercially beneficial? -higher melting point - make product look more attractive - Longer shelf life - No refrigeration mandatory
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Unformatted text preview: - Cheap-doesn’t turn rancid 4.) What kinds of foods can you find them in?- Meat (steak, hamburgers…)- Dairy (butter, cheese, cream, milk…)- shortening- fried foods- Fast foods- Snack foods- Yummy food- Baked goods 5.) What impact do they have on human health?- increased risk or coronary heart disease- raises ‘bad’ cholesterol LDL-Lowers ‘good’ cholesterol HDL-Alzheimer’s disease- Diabetes- Obesity- Liver dysfunction...
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