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cheek cell questions
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Rachel Romm Biology 1H Ms. Mackley 10 February 2009 Focus Questions 1. Imagine you are trying to explain the difference between chromosomes, genes, and DNA to your younger brother or sister who is two years younger than you. Write down your explanation in simple words that they could understand. DNA is a code found in every cell in our body that contains instructions on how to be you. Your DNA is made up of many genes. Each gene tells you if you have blue eyes, black hair… Your DNA is organized into 46 different chromosomes. Chromosomes are just curled up DNA. You have 46 chromosomes of DNA that contains about 40,000 genes. 2. Does a liver cell contain the same chromosomes as a cheek cell? Yes, liver cells and cheek cells contain the same chromosomes. 3. If you wanted to isolate a copy of a gene that codes for a protein found in the stomach, could that gene be located in cheek cells? Explain your reasoning. Yes, the copy of the gene that codes for a protein found in the stomach could be located in the
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