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# Part Location Function 1 Anterior end From the head region to the thoracic region; upper half 2 Posterior end From the lubosacral region all the way to that tail; lower half 3 Dorsal side from the thoracic region to the lubosacral region; the back 4 Ventral side the belly; opposite the dorsal; between the limbs 5 head region the head 6 cervical region the neck; behind the head region but in front of the thoracic region 7 thoracic region the shoulder region for the forelimbs 8 lubosacral region shoulder area for the hind limbs 9 caudal region the back of the dorsal area 10 external nare on the snout smelling; breathing 11 forelimbs on the ventral anterior of the pig walking 12 hind limbs on the ventral posterior of the pig walking 13 umbilical cord on the ventral side towards the hind limbs get oxygen from the mother 14 tongue oral cavity helps swallow food and propels it down the esophagus 15 nictitating membrane in front of the eye third eyelid 16 eye eye socket in the head region vision
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