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mollusca notes - 1 Key facts 93,000 recognized living...

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1 Key facts 93,000 recognized living species Largest phylum after arthropods Largest marine phylum 23% of all marine organisms Highly divers phylum Live in marine, freshwater + terrestrial environments Differ in size, anatomical structure, behavior + habitat Controversy on how many classes but currently accepted is 7-8 2 classes entirely extinct 2 classification Animalia an-uh-mey-lee-uh Lophotrochozoa lof-atro-coz-o-a Mollusca Polyplacophora poly-plac-a-fora Aplacophora a-plac-a-fora Scaphopoda scaf-o-poda Cephalopoda sef-a-low-poda Gastropoda gas-tro-poda Monoplacophora mono-plac-a-fora Bivalvia bi-VAL-vee-ay 3 polyplacaphora Chiton KI-ton or “sea cradles” 900-1,000 species largest one 33cm Chitons look like animals from a prehistoric era haven't changed much from when they first appeared. look like rollie-pollies can also curl up into a ball They have a single foot they use to move through the tide pools Some have eyes
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Fossils date these eyes back to over 10 million yrs ago making them one of the first eyes to evolve live on hard surfaces, such as on or under rocks in seabeds live in most kinds of water most live in the inter-tidal zone + are exposed to the air and light for long periods eat algae and bacteria with their radula some predatory ones eat small fish and invertebrates (shrimp) nocturnal same spot during day, feed and roam during night eaten by seagulls , sea stars , crabs , lobster , fish and NA 3 Aplacophora small class of deep water dwellers shell-less found in all oceans very small, no longer than 5cm but some species reach up to 30cm
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  • Monoplacophora Bivalvia, shell Shell +exoskeleton, Lophotrochozoa Mollusca Polyplacophora Aplacophora Scaphopoda Cephalopoda Gastropoda, Camouflage Shell Radula, species Largest phylum

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mollusca notes - 1 Key facts 93,000 recognized living...

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