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Bio Fluids Lab 2 Memo - Memorandum To Dr Fine From K...

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Memorandum To: Dr. Fine From: K. Harbison, R. Bormann Date: 07:36:40 Re: BE-525 Lab 2 Results ECGs are used today in order to record the electrical activity of the heart, which reflects the action of the cardiac muscle as it depolarizes and repolarizes during the cardiac cycle. In lab today we measured the temporal and spatial summation of the action potentials of the myocardial fibers by use of body-surface electrodes, which was then used in further analysis. It was this further analysis, and comparison of results between both participants that aided in our understanding of what exactly happens electrically in the heart, and how it is acutely affected through different activities. Our first objective was to gather the data necessary to perform our analysis. To do this, we applied surface electrodes to the participant’s medial ankles and wrists, which were then connected through appropriate cables to an oscilloscope and electrocardiograph. While the participant sat quietly in a relaxed position with their hands in their lap, we collected a consistent ECG waveform for lead I, II, and aVF. The participant was then asked to take a five to ten minute jog around the school in order to raise his cardiac output, which was then measured through the same means as his resting ECG waveforms. A second participant also had his resting ECG measured, but for sake of consistency only one participant will be analyzed here.
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This note was uploaded on 03/25/2010 for the course ABBE BE430 taught by Professor Weiner during the Spring '10 term at Rose-Hulman.

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Bio Fluids Lab 2 Memo - Memorandum To Dr Fine From K...

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