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Ethics Homework - Kyle Harbison CM 1090 BE525 Biofluid...

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Kyle Harbison CM 1090 BE525 Biofluid Mechanics Ethics Homework The BMES code of ethics has many statements concerning the obligations of healthcare, research, training and of the healthcare profession in general. The statement, made under research obligations, explicitly concerning the duty of the biomedical engineer to report a potential health risk is as follows: “Publish and/or present properly credited results of research accurately and clearly.” A biomedical engineer could utilize the BMES code of ethics in relation to the Bjork-Shiley heart valve by doing just as the statement made above says, present results of research accurately and clearly. After working on co-op for nine months last year, I understand how fully developed a corporation’s comprehension of risk factors are. I once had to schedule meetings with the “weld guru” to discuss what
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