Final Kyle Harbison Humans and Culture Last Paper

Final Kyle Harbison Humans and Culture Last Paper - Kyle...

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Kyle Harbison CM 1090 GL285-01 Humans and Culture November 12, 2008 What We Can Learn From Primitive Cultures This class has definitely shaken my foundation to the core politically, socially and even somewhat religiously. Through our discussions I have better understood who I am as a person today and why, when and how I have gotten here culturally. There are certainly things that I have found to be interesting to learn, but better yet I feel if some of the principles of the primitive cultures discussed were implemented into our own American culture our development would ultimately be for the better. From the equality of all people, to an easier means of living to even healthier lifestyles, I feel like even though many people have negative preconceptions of primitive cultures that when everything is placed into perspective our own American ways would not turn out as being so great. The first thing I would like to mention though, as obvious as it seems, is that everything stated from here on is completely subjective based on how I was raised, and how I am actually feeling at the time of writing this paper. So I feel as if I should just straight-up say what my views of what direction our culture/nation should go in, just to get it out in the open and so the reader knows what I am building up towards. It seems as if there is no way I could write this paper and not include at least some form of ethnocentrism. I like some of the ways we do things as Americans, and some elements of the notion of progress that we believe in. I guess what I am getting at is that I feel like it would be very noble for someone to write this paper based around the fact that we should completely convert to a foraging, reciprocity-based culture to solve all of our problems. Although it would solve most of our health, crime, and division of wealth problems, if it were even possible to do so I feel like there are some aspects of our American culture that need to stay for the betterment of the world, as ethnocentric as that sounds. For instance, being an engineer I feel like progression should in fact be made towards the betterment of technology, health , and ease of living for all people. As easy as the lives of the Arunta are compared to our own, I feel like working longer days is a sacrifice we should make in order to cure diseases, make energy sources more environmentally friendly, and so on. Although, I do understand that these problems are resultant from the progress made by developed nations in the first place. Nevertheless, there are some things from the Arunta culture and many others that would make my view of the “common good” easier to obtain, and would direct our culture into a more harmonious future. At this point in time there are some aspects of life that we cannot undo, such as our energy dilemma. There is no changing the fact that by progressing as we have that we have caused a lot of hardships for ourselves and those around us. Therefore I feel like in order to preserve the stability of our culture’s physical, psychological and social needs we need
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Final Kyle Harbison Humans and Culture Last Paper - Kyle...

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