Kyle Harbison BE 330 Project 2

Kyle Harbison BE 330 Project 2 - Kyle Harbison CM 1090...

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Kyle Harbison CM 1090 BE330-01 Bone Remodeling Project February 21, 2009 Implementation of Two-Element Model
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Representation See attached for my commented Matlab code along with a plot of the density vs iteration for both elements. Please note that I have used the subplot feature in Matlab instead of actually plotting each element’s density on the same axes (hold on feature). I did this because I want the viewer to actually see each data being plotted, for if I plotted them on the same axes they would lay on top of each other. Results and discussion are as follows. Discussion First of all it should be noted that I could not get the units to come out “right” without the results being skewed. If I convert everything into meters and kilograms (area, density) to match the force (N), and then proceed to make sure all other calculations come out to their correct magnitudes (GPa, etc), then either something in the coding is wrong, or the data is so drowned out by their huge magnitudes that it takes an infinite amount of iterations to show a settling out of whatever oscillation occurs. Simply put, when I convert the units in a way that they match up, the resulting figures show either a straight horizontal line (if I convert to meters and kilograms), or a negative sloping line that never settles out (convert to centimeters and grams). Either way, it takes too many iterations to show any conclusive results – I stopped trying once a million iterations still showed no settling out of the negative-sloping system. I do not believe my code is wrong, so therefore there is something inherent in either the equations or data provided that is making this not work. With that said, I do believe this project was a success on an educational basis. From reviewing the figures and results procured, I see that the densities equalize out at the same oscillation for both blocks. This
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Kyle Harbison BE 330 Project 2 - Kyle Harbison CM 1090...

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