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Bio Fluids Lab 3 Memo - Memorandum To: Dr. Fine From: K....

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Memorandum To: Dr. Fine From: K. Harbison, R. Bormann Date: 07:35:25 Re: BE-525 Lab 3 Results Doppler ultrasounds are used to detect and displace velocity changes in response to restrictions in blood vessels. It is the fact that blood flow velocity changes through an artery that makes this possible, and allows us to analyze the resultant waveforms in order to pinpoint any problems in the participant’s circulatory system. Three procedures were performed within this lab, each with their specific purpose of reinforcing classroom topics, and hopefully proving a high level of circulatory health for the participant. Procedure one was performed to find the most basic measurements in order to show that blood velocity does actually change throughout the cardiac cycle. Which, in this case the differences were compared between the upper arm and lower arm. The resultant Doppler velocity waveforms can be qualitatively evaluated to see if the participant is in the normal range. In the graphs acquired, the major factors of consideration are the relative amplitudes, the presence of a diastolic retrograde component and the waveform morphology. Because we are using the upper and lower arm (peripheral) as our source of data, the normal Doppler signal should be triphasic, as is marked out on the graph under Procedure I in Appendix A. The data retrieved from the oscilloscope is as follows, and should be used as reference to further data from the other procedures. RB Final
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Bio Fluids Lab 3 Memo - Memorandum To: Dr. Fine From: K....

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