Human_Relations_and_Leadership_Behavior[1] - Human...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Relations and Leadership Behavior Aloha and good afternoon to the faculty, staff, honored guests, families, friends and finally to you the graduates. You are here today to celebrate a momentous milestone in your lives. Graduation does not mean the end but the beginning of a bigger and brighter tomorrow for each and every one you. It marks a great accomplishment for some and an extraordinary opportunity for others. You are all here to share in each others success. I am humbled to be here today with all of you speaking about success in being a true inspirational leader to colleagues, friends and family. Graduates, I ask you this question, "Are leaders born or made?" This is the most basic and most often-asked question about leadership. The answer is: mostly made.' The best estimates offered by research is that leadership is about one-third born and two-thirds made. The job of leading an organization, a military unit, or a nation, and doing so effectively, is ever so complex. But, lets leave that for the researchers....
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Human_Relations_and_Leadership_Behavior[1] - Human...

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