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Denise Seals - Week Six Summary

Denise Seals - Week Six Summary - of our customers are...

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Denise Seals Managerial Accounting MBAC5213OL Dr. Lemler April 6, 2009 Week 6 – Summary The main focus for me in week six was the lean manufacturing method. The lean method consists of five principles of thinking, specify value of each product, identify the value stream, make value flow without interruption, customer input, and pursue perfection. These are the values that my company is striving for. We have lean teams within all departments. Their main function is to eliminate waste and to streamline the process while at the same time improving customer satisfaction. This does not prove to be easy. Although waste is identified in the process, people are used to following the same procedures without questions and knowing what waste could be eliminated. Most of the time the employees are the ones who argue if the processed is changed then we will not be able to function appropriately, again they are just not susceptible to change. Another challenge is identifying a value stream. In my current job, most
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Unformatted text preview: of our customers are internal and for years the environmental group has taken responsibility for the other jobs which really belonged to the internal departments. While we were taking responsibility the other departments begin to cut budgets or used the environmental portion of their budget for their needs. Our internal customers are having the hardest time accepting responsibility for their own jobs. This has proven to be the biggest hurdle for my department. Although we still offer our services to them, which they accept, they just do not want to take the financial proportion. My department is now in the pursuing perfection stage. We have identified all waste and have worked to eliminate the waste in our processes. I feel to get to perfection the environmental group will have to be unison, with no internal conflicts. This stage has not been reach yet, but as people retire and others see the process are getting easier more are coming on board....
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Denise Seals - Week Six Summary - of our customers are...

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