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Denise Seals - Week One Excerise

Denise Seals - Week One Excerise - Denise Seals Managerial...

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Denise Seals Managerial Accounting MBAC5213OL Dr. Lemler March 4, 2009 Week 1 – Exercises 1.1. Management Accounting Information System LO1 a. Incurrence of environmental costs – Input b. Preparing a report that summarizes environmental costs – Processes c. A statement of the cost of goods manufactured – output d. Usage of direct labor – System Objective e. Providing information for decision making – Process f. Incurrence of quality costs – Output g. Measuring the cost of design – Processes h. Providing information for planning and control – Process i. A report showing the trend in quality costs – Output j. Using power for manufacturing a product – System Objective k. Costing out products and customers – Output l. A report that compares actual costs of materials with expected costs – Output m. Measuring the costs of lost sales due to defective products – Processes n. Providing cost information for decision making - Process 1-11. Employee Empowerment LO1 1. What are the objectives of excellence teams and minicompanies? Did the companies achieve these objectives? The objective of the excellence teams and the minicompanies are to empower their employees to take ownership in their jobs, think outside of the box to come up with creative ideas to save the company money, improve productivity and safety. Yes the companies achieve these objectives by improving production and increasing profits. In addition these companies have created a teaching environment throughout the company. The employees have learned to work together in different facets to develop a common goal. 2. Do you think that employee empowerment is a good idea? Explain you answer. If yes, do you see any disadvantages? Explain Yes I feel employee empowerment is a good idea because it allows the employees to have a sense of pride within their work. Employee empowerment also creates a high morale when the employees know their ideas and suggestions are valued and they are looked upon as a resource not just a labor. The only disadvantage that I
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see for employee empowerment, is keeping the company’s objective in mind. Not all ideas are going to be beneficial to the company and the employees will have to understand when an idea is being turned downed that is not a reflection on the person but just does not make good business sense for the company. 3. What role, if any, does management accounting information have in employee empowerment? Management accounting information plays a vital role in employee empowerment due to the data this report is collecting. For example management accounting takes in account time orientation. If an empowered employee has come up with a more time efficient way to produce a product than this will affect the information collect for that years report. Also management accounting information evaluates the performance of its internal systems. The internal systems have a direct connection to employee empowerment. For instance, the morale of the
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