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Denise Seals - Week Five Summary

Denise Seals - Week Five Summary - that is not feasible...

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Denise Seals Managerial Accounting MBAC5213OL Dr. Lemler March 29, 2009 Week 5 – Summary The main objective in the week lesson was tactical decision making. When making tactical discussion one can use the tactical model. This model gives five steps for decision making. Really when you read these steps it is common sense, a person would use on a daily bases without knowing their using this process. For example, your vehicle is starting to malfunction on you. It is an older car and you are beginning to suspect the transmission is going out, so you take it to a mechanic to confirm your suspicion. By recognizing you have a problem with the vehicle and taking it to a mechanic you have already complete the first step, recognizing and defining the problem. Now that you know your transmission is going out, you begin to look at the options, continue to drive the car until the transmission completely goes out, replace the transmission or buy a another car. Now you begin to weigh the options and eliminate the option
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Unformatted text preview: that is not feasible. Since you do not know when the transmission will completely fail, you rule out driving the car until the transmission goes out due to safety restraints. The next two options are feasible but now you have to identify the cost related to each option as well as the benefits. After you have priced new cars and transmissions you have to factor in the total relevant cost of each option. For example you looked at a top line SUV, do you really need all of the amenities that the top-line has to offer or can you go with the base model. This scenario is the same for the transmission, go with a top name new transmission or a cheaper re-built transmission that will do the same function without all of the bells and whistles. After going through the qualitative factors you finally decided which options best fits what you needs. Allowing yourself to make a tactical decision without know the formal tactical steps of the model....
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Denise Seals - Week Five Summary - that is not feasible...

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