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Denise Seals Human Resource Management MBAC6103OL Dr. Drivers December 4, 2009 Case 95 Unit Organizing at SGA Industries 1.What was the impetus for the union organizing efforts at SGA Industries? There were three impetus forces that cause the union organizing efforts at SGA Industries: 1. Job Security - The growing foreign competition and imports, which caused a chain reaction, decline in sales which led to 1,500 employees being laid off. 2. Reduction in pay and cut in perks for the workers. 3. Technology advances, more work with no pay increase 2. Discuss SGA’s strategy in managing the representation campaign. SGA’s strategy was to face the union’s campaign implications head on and dispute the allegations they were making. SGA appealed to the workers by having face to face meetings with important figure heads within the community, such as community, business and religious leaders to influence the workers views about the union. They began to show anti-union films doing work hours and sent letters to the employee’s
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