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Case 69 - Denise Seals Human Resource Management MBAC6103OL...

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Denise Seals Human Resource Management MBAC6103OL Dr. Drivers December 4, 2009 Case 69 Merit Increase 1.Describe the nature and causes of the compensation problem described in this incident. Nature of the incident: The dean gave each department chair equal raises regardless of the work done by each department chair. This method was contradictory of the official university policy, there were no distinctions based on merit Cause of the incident: Since the dean did not take in consideration the work done by each department head, Carl received the same 4% raise as the other department chairs, rather than a 6% raise he thought he was entitled to because of the advancements he made within his department while the other departments remained at a standstill. 2.Are "merit" salary increases always based on "merit"? Why or Why not? No, salary increases are not always based on “merit”, for example, an employee may receive a salary increase based on cost of living. The best example I can give for this
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