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Denise Seals Human Resource Management MBAC6103OL Dr. Drivers November 18, 2009 Case 50 The Mentoring Problem at Walnut Insurance 1. If you were Tom, would you implement a formal mentoring program? If so, how would you address the VP’s concerns? Yes, if I were Tom I would implement a formal mentoring program. It is unfair to an employee to not have the same treatment regardless of if they are a female or male within the program. The fear of men and women traveling together is not on the company but on the individual’s behavior. The VP’s should set the example to and lead the program to show their company is not sexiest by only allowing men to be mentored. To address the concerns of the VP I would set up a structured program. Allowing for day trips and in rare situations overnight trips and this would apply to both female and male employees.
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Unformatted text preview: If the program was successful when it was male with male, then it still should be successful with male and female employees. The VPs have valuable information and should be passed on to new employees. 2. What alternatives to a formal mentoring program are available to Tom? With all the technology today, one alternative to a formal mentoring program is to have a non-conventional program done by web meetings. This way the employees will still have face to face contact with the VPs and gain the knowledge the VPs have to offer without physically being in the same room. This would eliminate the fear of sexual harassment suits and the overnight stays with the opposite sex....
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