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Case 9 - accusing an employee of sexual harassment can lead...

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Denise Seals Human Resource Management MBAC6103OL Dr. Drivers November 3, 2009 Case 9 The Storage Room Massage: A Case of Sexual Harassment? 1. Evaluate the company’s handling of Winthrop’s termination. Was he terminated for just cause? The company handled the sexually harassment allegation in a swift manner. Ms. Jones reported the allegation on June 9, 2003 and in two days Mr. Winthrop was terminated. The Plant Superintendent did a short investigation and deemed just cause for termination. I feel it was just cause under the Respondent’s employee handbook of section II (11) conduct not in the best interest of the company. 2. Under the Title VII guidelines on sexual harassment, what are the legal ramifications of a supervisor accusing an employee of sexual harassment? Under Title VII guidelines on sexual harassment, the legal ramifications of the supervisor
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Unformatted text preview: accusing an employee of sexual harassment can lead to dismissal if sexual harassment was proven. The company must provide guidelines to ensure clear boundaries for all employees and when the boundaries are crossed the company policy must have clear instruction for the punishment. 3. What alternative actions could Jones have taken in dealing with Winthrop? One alternative Jones could have done was made it clear that she did not like what Winthrop was insinuating and that she does not want to be approach in this matter again. Secondly when meeting him in the storage room, she should not have gone and if she did she should have informed a witness to calibrate her story....
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