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Week 5 Reading Assignment Read in the Cummings & Worley text, chapters 17, 20-22. Read in the Werner text, chapters 13, 14. Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Read the case, "Employee Benefits at HealthCo" on page 492 in the Cummings & Worley text and prepare a written case analysis using the outlined format illustrated in the paper titled "Helpful Hints for Students" found in the Resources section. Submit your paper via the view/complete link below by midnight on Day 7. Week Five Discussion 1. Share with the class the status of your final project. My final project is coming along. I am still debating on what surveys I will use and who else in the department will I survey. I have decided to use my company to write my paper on, but I will focus on the environmental group. We have been re-organizing our group now for the past year trying to steer the team in a better direction that is more conducive with the current environment. Along with the changes has come great opposition from some of the managers and they feel there was
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